Janneth Molina


Janneth’s communication with clients is key to ensure they stay informed with the latest dynamics in the market and moving pieces in their building.  Her monitoring of the subleasing market is an area the bigger brokerage firms don’t spend as much time on, so her insights there have proven helpful to countless clients.

Janneth grew up in Texas and has a passion for everything Texas – from the food to the culture. She enjoys the occasional rodeos and livestock shows that south Texas has to offer. Nothing compares to horseback riding in the sunset and enjoying afternoon walks with her daughter. Family is the most important aspect in her life. There is no Texas, without the Dallas Cowboys, she says. She is a big sports fan, and won’t ever turn down a good game.

Janneth majored in Computer Engineering and Marketing at South Texas College. She pursued her marketing career and has over 10 years in marketing / sales experience from working and being a team leader in several renewable energy companies like South Texas Solar Systems to Green Mountain Energy. She has a passion in helping the planet a better place, as well as helping others.

When not serving clients, Janneth is also interested in…

  • Spend quality time with her family
  • Cooking and trying different food
  • Attending live sporting events, concerts, and recreations soccer leagues

(571) 531-0634 (202) 480-9418 janneth.molina@clarefieldpartners.com

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