Origin of the Clarefield name:

Clarus in latin translates to “clear”.

While working at the multi-national, landlord-centric brokerage firms, Clarefield’s founding partners sought greener pastures, and greater independence from management in order to service their clients.  The Latin / Viking names of Clare and Claire are derived from clarus; the imagery of an unblemished green, clear field lead to the name Clarefield, and brought to life the independent, fiduciary advisory roles desired by the founding partners.

Andrew S. Colangelo

Managing Partner

Bill Zonghetti

Managing Partner

Tricia Bohen

Director of Project Management

Jim Hutson

Director of Financial Analysis

Moury Darmawan

Senior Project Coordinator

Stephen Colangelo

Vice President

Allenn Bolivar

I.T. Director

Janneth Molina

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